Lady Bunt
Lady Bunt
Written on 18.09.2019 at 23:03 by Lady Bunt

I thought about a little new tool for my moneyslaves. So you do not forget what all your most important tasks is to serve me! After all, your little pathetic life is all about me and how you can make me happy. You as a moneyslave have the desire to sacrifice yourself for me and show me your admiration every day! So you will never forget them, you have my new tool to keep you in mind every day. This gives you inner peace and a fulfilled moneyslave life! You do not need to worry, just read and execute. That's what moneyslaves need. Just do what the Goddess claims. A lucky Goddess also means a lucky money slave!


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Lady Bunt

Lady Bunt
Written on 08.06.2019 at 21:08 by Lady Bunt

It´s time again! It´s weekend and you pathetic cashslut is sitting at hoe, having no friends and no one to go out with you. Right? You have me, your money Goddess, who provides you loserpornso that you can wank your little dick. Every cashslut have to pay for jerking off. Over and over again. But don´t try to escape my demand for payment!! I know you bought my loserporn and jerked off. You will also pay tribute me, your amazing money goddess. As I ask! Do you understand Cashslut?

Lady Bunt
Written on 26.05.2019 at 22:07 by Lady Bunt

Do you have a footfetish and love sweet toes and hot soles? Yes, you do!! And i love it to get a footmassage. I just can´t get enough from! You massage my feet and i make you weak and abulic! I fuck you mind, my feet fuck your mind!

Lady Bunt
Written on 18.05.2019 at 21:36 by Lady Bunt

Its weekend time bitch and you are at Home alone! So go binge on my clips, send tribute! And more and more and more! You need it, you want it - you can´t without pay me!! My feet are your ruin!

Lady Bunt
Written on 12.05.2019 at 21:56 by Lady Bunt
Your Losercash looks so good on me that everything screams for me to have to put my feet up! 
And you are the middleman! If you are financially strong enough!
I love it when you tremble kneeling in front of me and thus show me your respect.
The feeling of greed, the moment you open your purse and hold it down with your eyes lowered!
The feeling of power, when I take it! To take everything what i deserve!
And the feeling of arrogance, if I spit in your face or give you a slap in the face,
because it was not enough!!!