Lady Bunt

Foot Fetish

* ROYAL - royal, sublime, venerable & majestic !! *

Few years ago i found my love and passion in the footfetish area. Love to stage me my feet and everything that embodies me.

Especiality in nylons and shoes. In everyday life. Mostly i wear sneaker and boots, main thing confortable and in style. But i also i feel home in heels and extreme pleaser. I'm multi- faceted, you will be surprised , how i dress them and pull you under my spell. It is a pleasure for me to play with your desire.

And how unwilling you are! The footfetish is widespread and right here is where you get your satisfaction. Enjoy the variety that leaves nothing to be desired.

You are footfetish but not mandatory submissive? Well no problem, you can live that out with me to. Of course i give you the

opportunity to give me and my feet gifts out of gratitude or becouse you want to see me in them. Visit my Wishlist or DELIVERY CODE and left of steam. So i can see how thankfull and gratful you are!

Enjoy your new chapter in life ,what fullfills you and finally gives you what you need to be complete!